The Greek


Name Capacity, L. The code
Flowerpot №7


вазон греческий

Name Capacity, L. The code
Flowerpot №5
Flowerpot №6


вазон грек

Name Capacity, L. The code
Flowerpot №7 two color


вазон двухцветный

Name Capacity, L. The code
Flowerpot №5 two color
Flowerpot №6 two color



 Possible option complete with drainage system..

In different countries, the word plastic pots, plastic flowerpot,  mean the same thing-the capacity for growing flowers and potted plants. It’s hard to imagine a modern interior apartment or office without indoor plants and flowers. They are located everywhere, on window sills, on the floor, in pots in the conservatory or on the walls in hanging pots. Beautiful plant itself is a beautiful decoration, so it is so often used for home decoration. However, flower pot, plastic is a mandatory attribute, being, in fact, the full detail of the decor. Beautiful and diverse design plastic flower pots have become indispensable to any decor. A variety of colors, shapes and sizes of plastic pots allows the best way to develop the idea and convey the image of the entire composition space, because the pot for plants, in most cases, plays an important role in the perception of the interior than its contents.

Despite the fact that many growers still give preference to ceramic flower pots, flower pots made ​​of plastic are no less popular. Many prefer to buy flower pots made ​​of plastic due to their high performance and advantages:

  • Low price;
  • The ability to maintain a balanced level of moisture;
  • Excellent ability to protect the root system of colors from the cold;
  • The variety of shapes and colors