Name Dimensions
Snow shovel №1  370 * 390 mm
 Snow shovel №2  580 * 380 mm

A snow shovel is used to clean pedestrian sidewalks, areas around a house or a garage in winter. You need to understand that the smaller and lighter the shovel, the easier it is to remove the snow for a long time.
Choosing a snow shovel:
  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying a snow shovel is the size.
The optimal size is 370 * 390 mm, 450 * 400 mm, 580 * 380 mm.
This is due to the fact that you have to move a wet heavy mass with a snow shovel. When choosing a large snow shovel, you should think about the consequences, since lifting a heavy snow mass is fraught with back pain. A wide shovel of 580 * 380 mm is more suitable for paving paths or cleaning pedestrian sidewalks.
  1. The handle of the snow shovel should be wooden or aluminum, preferably with a diameter of at least 25-35 mm.
  2. When choosing a snow shovel, you should pay attention to the presence of aluminum or galvanized tip. This will prolong the life of your snow shovel.
  3. The snow shovel should be made of HDPE (low pressure polyethylene). This material withstands critical temperatures without altering mechanical and physical properties.
By purchasing a shovel for snow removal in Moldova, in shops or in the markets, do not be confused by its softness (depending on temperature). When choosing a snow shovel, you can carry out an express analysis of the quality of a shovel for yourself, press the shovel vertically down, it should deform but not burst. In the cold, such a shovel will last much longer.
  1. The color of the spade does not matter, even if it is black. Conscientious manufacturer uses only high-quality materials in the production of snow shovels.